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Jerusalem Day

Israel flag with Kotel Wall in background

UNIFY Updates – May/June 2024, Iyar 5785

Be inspired by the miracle-filled reports from Israel and the Nations – UNIFY is on the move!

Yom Yerushalayim Sameach


Archbishop Dominiquae Bierman

If I forget you, O Jerusalem, let my right hand wither. May my tongue cling to the roof of my mouth if I cease to remember you, if I do not set Jerusalem above my chief joy. Psalm 137:5-6

My right hand is withering, meaning my hand of authority can do nothing. My tongue clinging to the roof of my mouth means I cannot speak. We must put Yerushalayim, equating with the throne of YHVH, above everything else. They are inseparable. Psalm 22:4 says He is enthroned on the praises of Israel, so there is a direct relationship between praising Him and establishing Yerushalayim as His throne. Many people covet Yerushalayim, but coveting the Holy City is a very serious sin. Zechariah 12:3 talks about those who try to “lift up” the Holy City (covet it for their own wicked agendas), leading to a serious crushing. Many covet Yah’s City: the Muslims through the Palestinian Cause, the UN, the Illuminati, the Freemasons, and more. would like to sit and rule from Yerushalayim, as if it were the international capital of the infamous New World Order. The Anti-Messiah will seek to rule from the Holy City.

For their thrones for judgment are set up, the thrones of the house of David. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem—”May those who love you be at peace! Psalm 122:5-6

Pray for Yerushalayim to be in shalom. Those who pray will also be in peace, shalom, well-being, and prosperity. Pray for the Holy City to be complete and undivided. It is not enough that her enemies have their shrines and abominations there; they want sovereignty over the Temple Mount. The purpose of this entire war is to take the Temple Mount, which is to take Jerusalem. Pray that she will be strengthened.

Also pray for the Watchman Apartment in East Jerusalem, which is positioned across the Temple Mount and the Mount of Olives. It is a watchmanship place like no other. A real protector of the Holy City! It is being built on time despite the war that has created a lack of laborers since the Palestinians laborers from Samaria and Gaza, are not allowed to work there as in the past due to their murderous desires towards Israelis. This means we need to pay the full amount by August. The timing is important, so let us stand in the gap for His will to be done and for the full amount of money to come in for this important and Historic Project! We still need 800,000 shekels (approx. $220,000). We ask you to keep sending your offerings for this powerful mission; everything helps, and Yah will greatly bless you.

Pray and act for the shalom-wellbeing of Yerushalayim.

“May those who love you be well and prosperous! May there be shalom within your walls—quietness within your palaces.” For the sake of my brothers and friends, I now say, “Shalom be within you.” For the sake of the House of Adonai, our God, I will seek your good. Psalm 122:6–9 STB

We are making documentaries for the ‘From Devastation to Resurrection’ tour. It was a profound journey. Israelis look forward to seeing us again this fall for the Sukkot tour because it encourages them. It brings them hope in the midst of so many chants of “Death to Israel.” We are about to enter a serious war in the north. Many people living in the north are suffering every day under the attacks of Hamas and Hezbollah. This cancer of terror has grown many arms throughout the land of Israel, making this war complicated and long. The war would be much shorter if done according to Biblical terms. In the 20th century, and because of international constraints, the IDF must be more targeted in order to spare innocent civilians. Even though we know many civilians are cooperating with Hamas, the IDF can only do it this way because of political pressure, so it takes a longer time with a greater toll of Israeli lives. America has been pressuring Israel not to bring workers from outside so Palestinians can come back in and work, but among them there are many terrorists, so this is not a good plan. We have tremendous numbers that will be making Aliyah, so we need to quickly build more housing. Pray for Israel to become more independent from the US.


Woman sitting on a bench

Apostle Sana Enroos: The tour was very meaningful. Family relationships were heartwarming, and we were like soldiers. Yah challenged me to ask me if I would be ready to live in the way the religious Israeli Zionists lived in new communities in Samaria, surrounded by many enemies and challenges. The determination of the people of Israel, fighting with the spirit of David, challenged me personally to be an ambassador and a voice of these ashes.

AB & Israel tour participants

Pastor Cesar Silva: This has been one of the most profound experiences in the presence and anointing of the Ruach HaKodesh. Amid the pain and the tears of the people of Israel, we became instruments of comfort, singing and praising in every place. It was a privilege to serve. During the tour, we received information that the nephew of Reut had been kidnapped by the mafia. We went into prayer in Israel, and it wasn’t even 10 minutes later that he was released without major harm. It was because of the power of the key of Abraham, and the unity within the group was tremendous. It’s such a joy that we can do things we couldn’t do as outsiders, such as planting trees and being part of prophetic words being fulfilled.

Israel tour participants

Khasseh Yen: a mother who came with her two children, said: The people were so touched to see the small children hugging and comforting them. Even as we were ministering to His people, we were comforted. As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you, so you will be comforted in Jerusalem. Isaiah 66:13 It is so precious to see people filled with hope.

Israel tour participants

Apostle Dawid Lee: During our trip to Eilat Botanical Garden, which is run by a secular Jew, we went into the nursery store, where we were asked where we were from. We started singing and gave the shopkeeper and tour guide the Aaronic blessing. They were very surprised that non-Jews were doing this. Comfort, comfort my people, says your God. Isaiah 40:1

AB, Rabbi & Israel tour participants in Negev

Reverend Hadassah: It was so moving in so many ways. The name of the tour was exactly what it was: we were able to see the devastation but also witness the resurrection. It touched the Israelis tremendously to see us coming. Archbishop’s teaching went deep and was a time of repentance in our personal lives as well. It was profound in every way.

Robert Wagner & Archbishop Dominiquae Bierman on stage

Robert Weinger: In the Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers and victims of terror, Robert played TAPS with his shofar in honor of the hostages, soldiers, and those who were murdered. Suddenly, a thunderstorm opened up and pelted us with huge raindrops. That sound and the prayer went from the lowest place on earth all the way up to heaven. We felt that Yah was weeping for all His children over the ages.


We are there for restoration and restitution. More and more, as we function under the Holy Spirit, are cleansed from replacement theology, and walk this in front of the Jewish people, instead of being repelled by us, we are becoming more attractive. We are removing the stumbling blocks that prevent our people from knowing their Jewish Messiah.

The letters written to the soldiers we have adopted from the Nahal Commando Unit were traded around so that all 120 soldiers read each letter. The letters from their families could not reach them on time in the hottest of battles in Gaza, but our letters did. HalleluYah!

They want more, so we’re going to do it again.

The Israel Factor books

Testimony from the Israel Summit in Nashville, USA, where Archbishop Dominiquae’s new book The Israel Factor was launched:

Rev. Debra Barnes: Praise to Elohim who moved the summit in Nashville to a new location so that the attendance doubled. We had a booth with our materials. The banners were stunning. The materials were well received. Fabulous speakers came from Israel. Many people signed the petition against antisemitism and signed up for Shabbat letters. I believe a lot of fruit will be produced.

Paulette Cowan: It was very important. Thank you for sending us out as a team on this mission. Seeds were planted that will blossom and bloom with Yeshua’s help.

People next to a table full of books

Prison Ministry

Pastor Hanne reported that Lantern has been updated and we have 47 new GRM students. All the courses are growing, and there are even new courses. The Powerful Women of the Bible course was added today for GRM graduates. We are getting beautiful testimonies from them.

Pro Israel manifestation

Intercession for Israel

Pastor Sonia Gotelli, Peru

All members of the KAD-ESH MAP PERU ministry continue twice a week in intercessory prayer for Israel. Weekly we transmit the messages by video of the apostle Dominiquae Bierman through TV “la luz” and by audio every first day of the week through Radio Pacífico. IMA BAT AMI’S group continues its daily intercession for Israel at 5 am. The group of shofarists attend all invitations from the Christian churches to promote love and prayer for Israel.

In our Shabbat meetings, the families of AGIMAP graduates and students are the ones who start playing the shofar and the declaration of the Shema. (Deuteronomy 6). It is very gratifying to see the fruit formed with the truth of the gospel made in Zion.

On May 26, we participated as members of the United Nations for Israel in the call organized by “March of Life” for all Christian churches and lovers of Israel to march through the streets of Lima, declaring “Am Israel Chai.” Six thousand people participated. The ambassador of Israel in Peru was there, along with members of the Jewish community, authorities, and a lady who survived the nazi holocaust. We continue to pray for the awakening of the entire Christian church in Lima-Peru.

Wall with bullet holes

Miraculous Rescues

Pastor Cesar Silva, Mexico

On May 21, my nephew was working in a warehouse where they make galvanized sheet metal. At noon, in the middle of a fight between organized crime and the security forces, the warehouse sustained many holes from the bullets, and two armed people hid in the warehouse. At that moment my nephew got between some large machines and spent the entire time of the shooting there. He sent a message to my wife at the time this was happening. We began to pray for him and blew the shofar towards the place. Immediately, the Ruach gave me this word: They will not harm him nor the people inside the warehouse because he is a member of UNIFY and is restoring honor to Israel. After half an hour, my nephew wrote that miraculously, none of those inside the warehouse were touched. He now tells what happened with great gratitude to Yahveh who saved him from death once again.

While we were on the Resurrection Tour in Israel, Sister Reut’s nephew was kidnapped by people from organized crime in Rio Bravo. Sister Reut sent an offering of restitution in addition to prayer and, thanks to Yah, just a few minutes later we had a prompt response. The Apostle and all of us who were on the tour blew the shofars and the Apostle prayed that they would release him quickly and so it happened. Now we see him congregate on Shabbos together with his mother.

In Mexico, we had elections this June 2, and thank Yahveh for hearing our prayers for a change in our government. Although I do not very much agree with some of the policies of the new president-elect, Dr. Claudia Sheimbaum, I nevertheless believe that, as a Jew, she is not going to deny her Torah roots when making international politics. But the biggest thing we could see is that Yahveh responded to us in the local elections since someone completely different from what was seen in the political campaigns was elected.

Man blowing shofar in a room full of people

Reconciliation, Forgiveness, and Intercession

Pastor Marcelo Corral, Ecuador

On Rosh Chodesh, we held a vigil with the entire congregation to pray for this new year that YHVH would bless and protect the people of Israel, free the hostages who remain prisoners from Hamas, and protect the nation of Ecuador that is tormented by international drug trafficking gangs. We have been in an internal war for months, and the killings continue in the streets, even the murder of government officials. We pray for all of this, and we cry out to the Father and declare that after this, a good time will come to Israel and Ecuador.

On Nisan 14th, we celebrated Pesach with the congregation, a great convocation as ordered in Leviticus 23, and we taught when it should be celebrated with verses from the Bible and we took the opportunity to talk about the “Council of Nicaea” where Rome changed the times. The sermon was excellent and the invited Christian brothers were surprised. Upon learning about the true feast as ordered by the Holy Scriptures, they could not believe so many years of deception. We invited them to leave the lies created by replacement theology and come to learn more about the Hebrew roots, and 2 people returned to our congregation, glory be to Adonai.

On April 29th we celebrated the 7th day of Pesach again as Adonai commands in his Word, and likewise, we had a great convocation to celebrate again. There were miracles of healing on the first Pesach. The Spirit of Adonai fell, bringing repentance and forgiveness among the families of the congregation who were angry. A brother who traveled 8 hours arrived to celebrate Pesach for the first time. He was about to get divorced, and in the celebration, the spouses forgave each other, reunited, gave testimony, and returned together to their land.

It was a time of reconciliation, forgiveness, and intercession for Israel.

People sitting next to a person on hospital bed

Restitution and Healing

Apostle Dawid Yosef Lee, Malaysia

At noon Malaysian time, I went with my elder sister to KL General Hospital Oncology ward to see my uncle. My auntie and two children were there at the side of his bed. My uncle has a tumor on his brain; therefore, the right side of his hand and leg are paralyzed. We spoke for an hour and I encouraged him to keep his hope alive for full healing and not to give up, and I asked my uncle if I could pray for him. They know that I’m a Pastor, and he nodded his head. I prayed in the name of Yeshua for his bone marrow to produce new life cells and I cursed the tumor cancer cell to die in His name. At 2 pm we left, and I made a restitution on behalf of my uncle at 5:25 pm to Unify (USD35 to plant a tree in Israel). At 6:45 pm, my auntie texted my sister and said my uncle could move his right hand already and was very thankful for my prayer.

Resilience of the Jewish People

Pastor Yutong Tagawa, Japan

We experienced going in and out of the shelter at the hotel on October 7 last year on the Sukkot tour for only one day, but the people of Israel are experiencing this kind of attack every day. After returning to Japan, I watched 7 Israel National News, in addition to the Archbishop’s TELEGRAM Channel. Israel is like Shoah again, as in World War II. For a while, I may have watched the news too much and, although I would pray for Israel, my heart kept wondering how Israel would recover and how she would be healed, given the depth of the wounds she has sustained. My rational mind knew that the Messiah Yeshua would be Israel’s healing and salvation, yet my mind kept wondering about it. So, when the archbishop called for the Devastation to Resurrection tour in May, I needed to go. On this journey, I heard from Danny, a father who lost his only daughter, and my heart cried as I listened to him talk about how he lost his daughter and found her ashes. I saw a strong father who, even after the death of his only daughter, chose to keep going because there were so many people in his community who needed his help. I felt the resilience and courage in his life.

Also, on 5/13 Yom Ha’atzmaut when we went to the Beit Hogla to worship at Sukkat Yehoshua it was close to 11 o’clock when the siren rang and we were told that this was a memorial for the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the nation and the victims of the terrorist attack, so we stood in place and prayed silently for two minutes. When the siren ended, the rain started to fall and the archbishop told us that this was a sign from Abba Father in heaven, a response from YAH’s grace, mercy, and favor to this land. At that moment my heart was filled with Abba Father’s love and my tears kept falling. I strongly felt the Father’s heart of goodness and mercy toward Israel.

There are so many things to be thankful for on this trip, to YAH, to the archbishop, and the Rabbi.

Through this journey, the Holy Spirit helped me to see the resilience of the Jewish people, their strength, and their determination to never give up.

Israel tour participants

Prophecies Fulfilled

Pastor Perach Yang, Taiwan

On 30/4, we met some of the other UNIFY members at the Zurich airport. I recalled that Archbishop once mentioned that her heart was torn into pieces as she witnessed each one of her spiritual sons and daughters in Switzerland, whom she loved dearly, crushed under by charismatic evangelical leaders of the former renewal in Switzerland in the 1990s.

On 1 May 2024, the fruit of the GRM Bible School students came to the same airport. As we took Holy Communion and gave thanks to Yah at the airport, the great joy of His presence came down. It was amazing as if Abba was waiting for our arrival. Praise Yah, after 27 years the door to Switzerland finally opened again and Verena came on this trip. She brought the key and the T-shirt that Ima gave them almost 30 years ago. God’s works are wonderful and the depth is beyond my ability to fathom.

For the first time, I understood the feeling of the wilderness where David grew up tending sheep and later escaped from King Saul’s persecution. When Archbishop asked us to spend some time in silence in the Negev desert, and when we went into the wilderness of Judea, the places without water and vegetation, I deeply understood how precious the Scripture of Psalm 23 is – He has me lie down in grassy pastures, he leads me by quiet
Without the grace of God, how can people and animals survive on a piece of yellow sand or a rocky mountain like the Negev or Judea? When I saw the settlements in the land of Judah and Samaria, they were able to turn that kind of land into beautiful flowers and fruit-bearing trees. Power was poured out on their holy place. God’s promise to His people – a land flowing with milk and honey – is amazing and I realized that God can do exactly what He promises because He has His precious Zionists who believe in Him.

Celebration of 76th Independence Day

Pastor Dvora Cheung, Hong Kong and China

On 29 May, I received an e-mail invitation to the Independence Day celebration. In the past, this celebration was synchronized with the Hebrew calendar and I was not invited. Receiving such an invitation may be owing to the 1M Bell event. I understood that the door was opened by Ruach so I would meet ex-Trustees, the Rabbi, relevant Jewish parties, and ex-staff of the Consulate so that I could be the ambassador and, in addition, participate in the book exhibition convention that will be held by the Government and Consulate General (CG) with a booth in July. Before I departed the Jewish Community, I met the staff of the CG office and showed interest in being a volunteer for them. With this opportunity, I can share about Archbishop’s new books and the resurrection trip.

Two elderly women in front of a lion statue

New Connections in Norway

Pastor Hanne Hansen, Norway

Yah is opening very many new connections in Norway now. Here are a few examples:

A well-known Christian preacher in Norway who teaches about Israel visited the weekly lunch in the synagogue. I have previously given him the Identity Theft book, so he knows that the roots of the Christian faith are Jewish and that Jesus’s true name is Yeshua even though he normally uses the name Jesus. We sat together and started to talk about kosher food. I explained to him that Peter’s vision was not about clean and unclean animals. I pray that he will be willing to search the Scriptures for himself because it is quite clear when you remove the inherited “replacement glasses”.

At another luncheon, I sat by a previous MP in Israel. I got to tell him about UNIFY. He had never heard about us and was happy to hear about our work and organization.

In May the Norwegian UNIFY group traveled to Oslo to attend a pro-Israel demonstration. We prayed and blew the shofar outside the Parliament, Oslo City Hall, and the Nobel Peace Institute; repented for antisemitic politics and other anti-Biblical politics; and raised the UNIFY flag high. We connected with several Messianic believers in Norway, celebrated Shabbat together, and told them about the work UNIFY is doing. We even got to pray for Israel on TV Vision Norway!

Pro Israel manifestation

Sharing and Encouraging

Pastor Terhi Laine, Finland

We traveled to our capital Helsinki to participate in a pro-Israel event and march organized by the “March for Life” group. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of participants who came to see the wonderful blue and white flags, hear the praise and speeches, and photograph our Unify flag. A member of parliament and a former director of the Christian section of the Jad Vashem Museum of the Dead in Jerusalem were guest speakers. Hebrew songs were accompanied by our team members David and Andrea. We experienced joy for a common cause and encouraged each other. There were also Kurds and Iranians living in Finland who stand with Israel. After I gave the Iranians a Unify business card, they came back asking for more. I gave them everything I had. May the seed bear fruit.

Our Jyväskylä team member Eija met people with a thirst for truth. She shared a flier witnessing how we found Yeshua. She also sent a letter to Yleisradio Finland. It is the biggest media in Finland, responsible for news broadcasts via TV, for example. The letter was related to lies told by Yle about Israel. We are awaiting a reply.

Group of people

Dry Bones Come Together

Pastor Eicha Lohmus, Estonia

On the Shoa Memorial Day, we attended the cleaning mission of the Klooga Concentration Camp and the Holocaust Memorial. Klooga had the biggest concentration camp in Estonia and became one of the only places on the Nazi Germany map in Europe that was marked as „Juden Frei “ – free of all 2000 Jews who were murdered there. Apart from our group, other Christian believers who are Israeli-minded also attended. We cleaned the memorial site, planted new flowers, watered dried plants, etc. and occasionally we had the opportunity to share our stand with Israel and UNIFY. We placed the UNIFY flag in the middle between the Estonian and Israeli flags and blew shofars. Surprisingly, no Scripture was read, so I asked if the memorial ceremony could be finished with Ezekiel 37. After I read the whole chapter about dead bones becoming alive, it seemed like a similar thing happened among the gathered Christians, as afterward many came asking about the Jewish roots of the faith, Torah, Shabbat keeping, etc. It was as if many dry religious bones suddenly became alive.

Apostle Sana next to tour banner

Priceless Experience

Apostle Sana Enroos, Sweden

From Devastation to Resurrection Tour

The special spiritual journey and elite soldiers camp was more special than any other tour for me. It was a priceless experience that is impossible to describe in a few words. Love for the Land of Israel, People of Israel, and Elohim of Israel went deeper than ever. Zion is burn marked in my heart without any doubt. My calling as a Ruth to Naomi went to another level. Understanding the fighting Spirit of Israel, the Spirit of David, spoke to me deeply. The price the chosen people, the Jews, and the chosen nation, Israel, pay every single day for their existence is startling. When we went down because Hamas fired rockets upon us in Sderot, we got a taste of their everyday battle. At the burned kibbutz Kissufim we received a call to be ambassadors for Zion’s sake which pierced my heart, challenging me to raise my voice for these ashes. When we visited Oriad and saw a freshly prepared caravan for a family to live in surrounded by their evil enemies Ruach asked me: “Would you be ready to live in this way?” I knew I needed to answer, “Yes!” If I perish, I perish, but I will stand for the Jews and Israel with all my being and all my life. The From Devastation to Resurrection Tour was packed with amazing life-changing experiences, appointments, teachings, and impartations from our divinely anointed and appointed Archbishop Dominiquae Bierman. I am forever grateful for the privilege and the grace to be under her tallit and sharp spiritual leadership.


Marie-Louise’s Funeral 3rd May 2024

We got to meet Marie-Louise’s family at her funeral. They were all so grateful that we came and emphasized many times with tears in their eyes how important it was that we were there and all that we had done for Marie-Louise and for finding her that sad day. We got to talk a lot about Marie-Louise, and they wanted us to tell them about her and our relationship and why we knew her. We told about Marie-Louise’s strong faith and in what contexts we knew her. They first believed that Marie-Louise was in a Jewish association and had converted to Judaism. It was a huge relief for everyone when we explained that Marie-Louise had not converted but was still a believer who believed in the whole Bible, both the Old and New Testaments. They thanked us for explaining what Marie-Louise believed in. We got to tell them about Unify and the importance of Israel in a way they could now understand, and they were grateful, relieved, and proud of her graduation from GRM. I think we left an imprint on their hearts in a way they will never forget.

I pray that everyone reading this feels as inspired and uplifted as I do. I appreciate these wonderful testimonies. Therefore, encourage each other, and build each other up—just as you are doing. 1 Thessalonians 5:11

For Archbishop Dr. Dominiquae & Rabbi Baruch Bierman,

Glenda Shockley & the UNIFY Team

Archbishop Dominiquae and Rabbi Baruch Bieman

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