The United Nations for Israel is seeking to reeducate the nations about the Gospel made in Zion and the importance of standing with Israel against all odds.

In Matthew 25:32 Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah said that He will judge between the nations and will separate them as the Sheep from the Goats. This is the Third Millennium since He walked the earth, and the separation has already begun!

Dr. Dominiquae Bierman, the Founder of the United Nations for Israel or UNIFY, was visited by the Messiah in Santiago, Chile, on Christmas of 2001, where He clearly showed her that Replacement Theology in the Church has prevented nations from becoming Sheep Nations.


UNIFY Community

Our UNIFY members have exclusive access to our monthly online conference on Zoom, where Dr. Dominiquae Bierman shares the latest updates & prophetic insight, and our National Delegates share their reports and testimonies.

All UNIFY members who are graduates from our GRM Bible School can also join a special UNIFY Team Telegram group, where we share and are encouraged to move forward as a family and spiritual army.

UNIFY in the Nations

United Nations for Israel currently has Delegates in 26 nations. They are performing acts of Repentance and restitution, organizing and participating in Pro-Israel demonstrations, educating their people on Israel, fighting against antisemitism in prayer and action, including sharing about The Identity Theft book and our GRI Against Antisemitism online course, and planting the GRM Bible School in their nations. Read the amazing reports to learn what is happening in each nation.

Israel Tours

We organize Israel Tours twice a year during the Biblical feasts. Tour participants learn to love the Land and its people as we visit many destinations where regular tours do not usually go, such as Hebron, Samaria, and many strategic places where we have planted orchards to help the local communities.

Our tours are powerful prayer & restitution missions to bless the Holy Land. In these Bible Schools on Wheels we receive deep insight into the Scriptures from a Hebrew perspective and experience many miracles! Join the upcoming tours & enjoy our Tour Photo Gallery.

UNIFY in Israel

Helping in War Efforts

We have been helping in the war efforts by supporting evacuated families with essential supplies, assisting local communities struggling to survive and stay safe, standing with IDF soldiers and their families, and providing practical help to thousands of Israelis in urgent need. We have also taped special war series TV programs, broadcasting truth about Israel and the ongoing war.

Sukkat Yehoshua & UNIFY Retreat House in Ancient Gilgal

We have established our Sukkat Yehoshua, Joshua’s Tent of Meeting, within the agricultural farm of Beit Hogla in the desert of Judea. Located next to the Sukkat is our UNIFY Retreat House, available for believers to rent for prayer retreats.

Planting Trees in Israel

UNIFY has been planting orchards in the land of Israel, especially in the threatened areas, for the purpose of reclaiming the Biblical Covenant Land. We are partnering with the local Jewish communities in many areas. During the latest war, we have also planted new trees and provided help with fertilizing in communities near the Gaza border where rocket fire has destroyed much agriculture.

Supporting New Olim (immigrants)

We have supported new immigrants moving to Israel from Ukraine and Russia by partnering with local Messianic congregations that assist them. Finances have also been donated for warm winter coats and blankets, heaters and much more.