We, as believers in the nations, realize that we truly need to repent of all antisemitism and replacement theology. After 2000 years of persecution and the murder of the Jewish people in the name of Christianity, a vital and visible sign of true repentance is restitution towards the Jewish people and Israel. Thus we are actively participating in many practical projects to bless Israel and the Jewish people.

Ongoing acts of restitution:

  • Help with rebuilding the Jewish cemetery in Bitola, Macedonia, the town from where Archbishop Dominiquae Bierman’s family was taken to Treblinka during world war 2 (Read the whole story)
  • Planting trees in in the Land of Israel


We encourage all our delegates and members to reach out to their nations with the UNIFY message in every possible way.

Many have been:

  • Attending Israel marches and meetings where they share UNIFY flyers and business cards (available for members), talking to people and inviting them to become UNIFY members.
  • Wearing UNIFY T-shirts and caps, rising up UNIFY flags everywhere the Holy Spirit leads them.
  • Giving speeches and testimonies on UNIFY in their congregations
  • Writing letters to parliament members and spiritual leaders introducing UNIFY, appealing for Israel and pointing to the need of standing with Israel, both politically and in prayer.
  • Sharing the message through social media and other publications.
  • Inviting Archbishop and Rabbi to minister in their nations.
  • Planting the GRM Bible School and establishing new study groups.


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