October 2023 report image

War in Israel

October 2023 report image

UNIFY Updates – October 2023, Tishri 5784

Be inspired by the miracle-filled reports from Israel and the Nations during this war– UNIFY is on the move!

Turning Evil for Good

Archbishop Dominiquae Bierman, Israel & America

It is now one month after the beginning of the war on October 7, 2023. Our Sukkot Tour participants, over 80 people from 12 nations, were still here and we had to go in and out of bomb shelters and were praying continually. At the same time, the Holy Spirit has been bringing faith back to Israel. There is a restoration of the Spirit that hasn’t been seen since the 6-Day War. What the enemy meant for evil, YHVH is turning for good. If the only reason for us to be in Israel on tour was to spend October 7 and 8 praying as we took shifts 24/7, that would have been enough, Dayenu. I believe our prayers make a big difference in how the war is going.

Those of faith are calling this the war of the restoration of the spirit of Israel. We can see it in the IDF and among the people. Even the head of the woke University of Tel Aviv said we must annihilate Hamas because of what was written in Deuteronomy 25:17-18:

Remember what Amalek did to you along the way as you came out from Egypt—how he happened upon you along the way and attacked those among you in the rear all the stragglers behind you when you were tired and weary—he did not fear God.

Amalek came against us and attacked the weak ones. He attacked us from the back, from the rear, the weak, the tired, and the ones who did not fear God. The most massacres happened at the New Age party where there was a huge figure of a Buddha and in the woke leftist kibbutzim who reached out to the Gazans the most. Their motto was, “We are tired of war.” They did not fear God.

On the other hand, those who were keeping Shabbat were rescued. One group worshiping in the synagogue was trapped in there and was therefore saved. The village we’ve been helping with vouchers and assisting with evacuation was celebrating Shabbat and praying when the terrorists infiltrated the village. Miraculously, a helicopter filled with police forces that was shot down by Hamas safely landed on their fields amidst the massacre and managed to overpower those terrorists and rescue the entire village. This is a war between light and darkness and between spirits.

Channel 14, the right-wing channel in Israel, reported that in Exodus 17 Moshe had to have his hands up to pray all the time for Yehoshua to overpower Amalek, but when his hands went down, Israel would lose. The spirit of Mashiach is upon Israel right now. The religious Zionists we have been supporting are regarded as Messianic. Everybody who believes in the entire land of Israel is deemed Messianic. It doesn’t really mean the Messianic Jews, but the religious Zionist faction, who are the ones who will get the nation ready for the return of Messiah.

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Your prayers and your giving are moving heaven and earth. Don’t stop! You’re the wind behind our backs. We could not have been those boots on the ground without your prayers and support. Even through our mourning, we have been donating vouchers and money and tactical and security equipment, and I’ve recorded 8 TV programs about the war. We have traveled to many places where Waze warns of danger, but we continue to go on and on as Yah unfolds the plan for us. I want to salute all of you because we couldn’t have done all this without your support. The Malaysian team stayed until October 22 and helped with boots on the ground until they were able to leave Israel. Every one of you from the smallest to the tallest are super important, and I do not believe Israel would have as much favor and strength without you. UNIFY is not just an organization, but it is a body of believers that has become so fully grafted in that we can say, like Ruth, “Your people are my people. Your Elohim is my Elohim. Where you live, I will live, and where you die, I will die, and there will I be buried.” Ruth, 1:16, 17.

You carry the mantle of Ruth upon you. It can be felt in everything you do. I am beyond thankful that you’re in our lives at this time. I could not imagine going through this Shoa without you. Pray 24/7 and don’t let go. We are going to see not only overturning now, but the spirit of Messiah will continue after the war and prepare Israel for the Messiah to come. Gaza will be taken over by Israel!

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Overview of the War

Right now, Israel is fighting a 5-front war, like the 5-headed monster: 1. Hamas in Gaza; 2. Hezbollah in southern Lebanon; 3. Syria; 4. Hamas and Fatah in Judea and Samaria; and 5. the Houthis from Yemen.

The government wasn’t paying any attention to Judea and Samaria until we began to plant, blow shofars, pray, and prophesy to warn in the spirit that Samaria was in danger. We went and interviewed the settlement where my niece lives. Until that day there was no talk about overthrowing Hamas and Fatah in Samaria. They were unprotected. The men were in the front and the women and children were left behind. The teenagers were trying to protect them, but they didn’t have the equipment needed. We went there and prayed, and the government went there and helped. We are not the only ones but we are definitely meaningful in the war Israel is fighting on 5 fronts.

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There is also a war in the media. The more we get the message out there, the better. We had to cancel one station because they weren’t allowing our programs through. Four stations are broadcasting our programs fully. YouTube has removed several of the programs.

Another front is serious antisemitism all over the nations. This level hasn’t been seen since the Second World War.

Prophecy: When this war is over, there will be the most massive wave of Aliyah ever. We need to settle all the land because we need room for them. There have been at least 300,000 Israelis who have returned to fight in the war. We need to be able to help in this arena, too.

Gaza City is surrounded by the IDF. There are about 1,000 km of Hamas tunnels underground. When you pray, also blow your shofars downward to these tunnels. We need to pay attention to the border with Egypt. It has been opened for humanitarian aid. Those tunnels go all the way to that border, allowing terrorists to escape. Most civilians have been pro-Hamas sympathizers. Egypt doesn’t want them because they are trouble, so we need to be praying for this situation that this just war will not be stopped by the USA before full victory. The Israeli government says it won’t stop north or south until Hamas is eradicated.

For Adonai has ransomed Jacob. He redeemed him from the hand of one stronger than he. They will come and sing on Zion’s height, radiant over the bounty of Adonai—over the grain, the wine, the oil, and the young of the flock. Their life will be like a watered garden, and they will never languish again. Then will the virgin rejoice in the dance, both young men and old men together. For I will turn their mourning into joy, and I will comfort them, and make them rejoice out of their sorrow. I will fill the soul of the kohanim with fatness and My people will be satisfied with My goodness. It is a declaration of Adonai. Jeremiah 31:10-13

Also, pray for the Muslims who are learning the ways of YHVH and will be saved and become a beacon of light.

So it will come to pass, if they will diligently learn the ways of My people—to swear by My Name, ‘As Adonai lives,’ just as they taught My people to swear by Baal—then they will be built up in the midst of My people. Jeremiah 12:16

Our Sukkat Yehoshua in ancient Gilgal was built to send out heavenly missiles of prayer and shofar blows against the missiles of the enemy. Erna has offered to lease the house meant for a B&B to UNIFY for a year for retreat and rest. It is being prayerfully considered.

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Financial Report


Your donated funds have been distributed for the war efforts, security of Alonei Shilo and Beit Hoglah, food vouchers, defense equipment, housing for evacuees, and aid for soldiers and Olim new immigrants. We are also contributing to many requests for tents, sleeping bags, and heaters, in addition to food, and they are very thankful for the donations.

Please keep sharing our posts on social media.

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GRM and Prison Ministry

Pastor Hanne Hansen

We currently have 907 GRM Bible School students in the prison system, with 300 new since October 1. There are 20 Spanish students, 6 more since October 1. There are already 58 BA students and 88 GRM graduates, with 20 new just this month.

We also have new students in Virginia (USA), Peru, Panama, and Sweden.

Paulette has been going to the prisons and ministering alone in the absence of the Archbishop, Rabbi, and Hadassah. She is an example of how one person can make all the difference in the world.

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Celebrating Simchat Torah

Pastor Marcelo Coral, Ecuador

The last day of the Sukkot Festival was Shabbat, October 7, and because in Ecuador we did not know the news of the criminal attack by Hamas against Israel until the night, that Shabbat day was a special day of celebration with dance, tambourines, and much joy in the town. In the afternoon we celebrated the festival of Simchat Torah, the joy of receiving the Torah, and there was a great presence of the Ruach Ha Kodesh. We felt that something was happening in the spiritual world because we felt the desire to blow the shofars frequently. We did not understand it until we were informed about the sad news of what was happening in Israel. It was the voice of YHVH crying out for his people. After this holy celebration of Sukkot, when we found out about

the brutal attack that had happened in the Gaza Strip, we were very sad and we knew that our brothers and the pastors of Kad-Esh MAP Ministries were still on the Sukkot Tour, and that Israel was now under an attack by the Hamas group. We prayed with the entire congregation. We joined the 40-day fast ordered by the beloved Archbishop for the nation of Israel and we have not stopped fasting every week on Wednesdays and praying every day during prayer times for the people of Israel, their Prime Minister Netanyahu, and the IDF soldiers who are fighting for their families. May Adonai fight this battle for Israel!

We have asked that an Israeli flag be put in each house of the members of the congregation, and even in their vehicles and in their workplaces, identifying us with the people of Elohim. We are very attentive to the news of what is happening in the Gaza Strip, and on all of Israel’s borders, and we do not stop our prayers for Israel until we see YHVH’s victory over the enemies of the people of Israel.

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Uniting in Prayer for Israel

Pastor Sonia Gotelli, Peru

On September 29th the entire Kad-Esh MAP Ministries of Peru celebrated the Feast of Tabernacles in Lima.

The IMA BAT AMI team traveled to central Peru to celebrate Sukkot in the city of Tarma, so they looked for the high places to blow the shofar over the whole city. They raised a large sukkah and invited an evangelical pastor. They were able to share the message of the feast. When they were informed of the attack on Israel by the terrorist group Hamas, the entire ministry joined the call organized by Pastor Ruben Gutknecht, director of the March for Life organization for Latin America, in support of Israel. On October 9, the National Prayer Movement called for an intercession service via ZOOM to pray for Israel with the assistance of evangelical pastors.

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Many Miracles

Pastor Cesar Silva, Mexico

Praying for Israel results in salvation from death.

During our Sukkot Tour in Israel, several miracles happened. One is that during the vigil we had on October 8, I went to pray for a while at night even though it was not my prayer time. I felt the need to pray for my nephew Jesus Reyna, who is like our adoptive son. He was detained in his work truck by an armed group of the Cartel, with long weapons to kill him. When the leader of the group saw him raise his hands, he told the armed ones to leave him and let it go. Miraculously, he was freed!

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Canceled flight opens a new territory.

When I arrived at the airport in Tel Aviv on October 9, I learned that my flight had been canceled until further notice. I had the opportunity to buy another flight via Dubai. When I called my wife Nelda to tell her that I would be in Dubai for a whole day, my brother-in-law was talking to an uncle telling him that I would have to arrive in Dubai and wait, to which the uncle commented that he had a relative living and working in Dubai. They connected me with the family and I spent the whole day with them, talking to them about the importance of Israel. I gave them the Apostle’s book The Voice of These Ashes. Their son in the US Navy would be sent to this war in Israel, so we were able to pray for her, for the family, and for the son. The door was left open. It is worth mentioning that at the airport the shofar was blown for teshuva (repentance) and restoration of the Emirates.

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Powerful Acts of Repentance

Pastor Dawid Yosef Lee, Malaysia

After the war broke out, our flight to Malaysia on 9th Oct was canceled. We immediately rebooked it for 12th Oct, but again it was canceled on 11th Oct. Then we booked Emirates for 14th Oct, and again it was canceled on 12th Oct. Lastly, we thought of flying through Amman Airport. I made a call to Archbishop Dominiquae, and she asked me if we had prayed. After that, all 17 of us prayed together and Ruach showed me that Kefa denied Yeshua 3 times. I shared it with the rest, and we all repented for denying Yeshua at such a time as this. Then I sent a message to Archbishop: “We are staying back!”. Immediately I received a phone call from her. We were invited to meet Uriel, the general secretary of one of the Gaza border communities that evening. Archbishop gave out food vouchers to Uriel for 100 displaced families and Uriel came to tears.

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Journal of Sukkot Tour

Pastor Perach Yang, Taiwan

The theme of this Sukkot Tour was: Blow Your Shofar in Zion. Each of us needs to learn more about the land of Israel and how to fight and pray for Israel, and to understand the importance of blowing the shofar at the gate of the city.

Caesarea: Ima (mother, referring to Archbishop Dominiquae) taught that Cornelius opened the door of salvation to the Gentiles in this region. When she led us to pray and blow the shofar after the recording of the program, I saw a vision: a very wide elevated road, a highway, in the sky. On that day there will be a highway from Egypt to Ashur. Ashur will come to Egypt and Egypt to Ashur, and Egypt will worship with Ashur. (Isa 19:23)

Mt. of Olives: When we blew the last shofar, I saw a vision: two gates in the sky with the same shape like the East Gate of Jerusalem but with royal decorations, and one of the gates was opened. I shared this with Archbishop after worship, and she told me happily, “Yeshua is coming back soon.”

At the foot of Mt. Hermon, Caesarea Philippi: We went to blow the shofar for the fourth time since the last Shavuot. This time, when we blew the shofar, Archbishop led us to blow to the ground. I felt a great vibration and wondered what would happen in the natural realm.

Worship at Sukkat Yehoshua, Joshua’s Tent of Meeting: The second time we went there on 5/10, Ima’s heartbreaking cry touched us and surely touched Abba as well. When she called us to repent, I saw the portal of heaven opened, God’s throne, the rainbow, and it was very glorious. This is indeed an important and ancient gateway for Israel, thank you Lord for making it possible to have this Sukkat Yehoshua. Thank you, Abba, for allowing UNIFY to have this Sukkat for all who wish to come and worship and pray. What an important portal to pray and offer sacrifices in this time of war!

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Love One Another in Unity

Pastor D’vora Cheung, Hong Kong and China

This was the 1st time that China and Hong Kong met face to face and we learned to ‘Love one another in Unity’.

Before we started the tour, we were chosen to tidy up the Kad-Esh MAP Ministries storage and prepare the welcome table. We were blessed as Adina was experienced in these areas for her work and guided us efficiently.

After the tour, we moved to another hotel where we met angels (IDF soldiers) to guide us to the hotel. One soldier was so strong that he moved 3 items of luggage at the same time. Soon after, he received a call from the IDF and ran speedily away.

We gave The Voices of These Ashes to our guide, Inon, and Udi, a Jewish painter in the Jewish quarter. Many Jews cannot read English books, so we pray for Hebrew translations to be done.

Two days after we returned home, we celebrated Cheshvan. We gave testimonials about the Sukkot tour and prayed for Israel. YHVH moved us back to the original venue (like a library) as the small venue was rented. We followed HIS pillar of fire and cloud and this allowed us more space for worship. We learned to blow low-tone shofars so that we could cope with the environment even if there were people outside the venue to study. YHVH Yireh.

Sharing the Message in Japanese

Yutong Tagawa, Japan

We continue to translate books and GRM lessons. We are currently translating The Woman Factor. Our translator has finished proofreading lessons 1 to 43.

I created a Facebook account and an online app called ‘Unify Japan’ for sharing the Gospel of Zion and the Archbishop’s message in Japanese. She has been sharing a lot of information about the Israeli war lately, so I can use these two SNS platforms to translate and share in Japanese.

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What Makes a Tour Special

Pastor Eicha Lohmus, Estonia

I participated in my 10th Sukkot Tour as an Assistant to the Tour Administrator Ps. Dawid Lee. As every Kad-Esh MAP Tour hosted by Archbishop Dominiquae and Rabbi Baruch is unique, so was this one. One of the highlights of this Sukkot tour was the local Jewish communities we visited in difficult areas like the community “Oriad” in Samaria and Beit Hogla in Gilgal and others. These meetings with local people, mainly the religious Zionist Jewish families in their everyday life and struggles, help to grow deeper loving and understanding of these precious people standing staunchly on Yah’s promises for the land given to their ancestors for inheritance. I am so grateful to Archbishop Dominiquae for these “boots on the ground” opportunities to express our love with deeds and actions in the land.

One of our bus drivers who has been working for Christian tourist groups for over 30 years was surprised and amazed seeing the places we went and asked: “Who are you? You are so different from other Christian tour groups that I have been driving for.” It was because the sites where Archbishop Dominiquae led us were not the regular tourist sites.

October 2023 report image

We Can Trust in His Provision

Pastor Terhi Laine, Finland

Three of our team members were on the Sukkot Tour this year. We experienced Yah’s care on the train at the beginning of our trip. Without knowing about the future, He began to show us that we can trust in His provision. The conductor suggested that we could stay on the same train to the airport without changing trains in the next city with our big and heavy suitcases. I asked her how it would be possible because the seat reservations were for the next train. She answered that she could decide it. We were very grateful. Later, the conductor came to us again and gave us a small gift card for the railway. Yah helps with everything – even with small issues. We had the same provision from Yah during the whole tour. Although the war started with Hamas attacking Israel and our flights were canceled, we still had shalom and we knew that the Father takes care of us. We received help whenever we needed it. Glory to the Holy One of Israel!

Testimonies from the tour:

The teaching by Archbishop about Caesarea, where the salvation of the Gentiles begins, was like an answer to my expectation. It’s all about Sheep Nations to be born. This place called me to be a signpost to the ancient paths of the Finnish people. The enemy of Israel, Amalek in the form of Hamas, made a terrible attack on the Holy Land and has tried to do his best to prevent YHVH’s plan from coming true. This taught me to fight in the war. The Holy One of Israel is ruling over everything and He is calling both His own people and Gentile nations to repent all over the world. HalleluYAH! (Erja)

Eija, Hadassah, and Reijo took part in an event supporting Israel on the steps of the Finnish Parliament building in Helsinki. Many people supporting Israel came together for an event organized at short notice. Speakers came from the Jewish congregation in Finland and the Finnish Parliament. We sang the National anthem of Israel and Hebrew songs and handed out UNIFY cards.

Hadassah asked Eija’s friend Reijo if he had received Yeshua. He wasn’t sure what she meant, so Hadassah explained it and he wanted to receive Yeshua. It was a great moment. HalleluYah!

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Shalom in the Midst of War

Pastor Hanne Hansen, Norway

The Norwegian UNIFY Delegate (Ps. Hanne) and vice Delegate (Unni) attended the Sukkot Tour. It was an impactful tour. Our meetings with the local population at the places where UNIFY has planted orchards touched our hearts. It is a privilege to be able to be a part of the restoration of Israel this way and to meet the religious Zionists who are paying a high price to live in these places.

To feel Yah`s blessing and anointing upon Sukkat Yehoshua was powerful. This is for sure an important place for Yah, the Gate where the Israelites first reached the land when they entered after they had left the bondage in Egypt.

The last days of the tour, when we suddenly were in the middle of the war, were very impactful, giving us a feeling of purpose, that our prayers, proclamations, and shofar blasts made a difference and were important for Yah’s Kingdom. We felt His shalom amid rockets and red alarms and learned that the most important thing for us is to be in the midst of Yah`s plan for us and not to seek human security. Our life is in Yah’s hands. If I live or die; what is important is that I am in Him.

The Norwegian UNIFY Team has had an extra Zoom prayer meeting for Israel every week during the war, in addition to our weekly prayer meetings. We carry Israel in our hearts and feel that it is important to gather to pray, in addition to our daily prayers for Israel.

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A Closer Relationship with Israel

Apostle Sana Enroos, Sweden

Before the war broke out in Israel, UNIFY member Marie-Louise got on her heart to make an act of repentance for the Palestinian embassy in Stockholm. Together with Marie, they poured out a Star of David in salt and dripped oil from Israel on it, repenting and asking for forgiveness for antimesitojuz, terrorism, antisemitism, idolatry, Islam, the Palestine cause, the support of PLO leaders, etc. and that Sweden was the first country to recognize Palestine as a state and establish a Palestinian embassy.

Marie-Louise also made an act of repentance for her father because he voted for the Social Democrats all his life and then for Hamas and the PLO, Hitler’s child, the Final Solution, antisemitism, antimesitojuz, Nazism, Islam, etc. She herself also voted for the Social Democrats and praised Palme at a young age. She had a dream about Archbishop, Rabbi, her dad, and herself in his apartment: “A missile fell in front of Archbishop, and it did not explode. We got up and suddenly I saw Dad fiddling and touching the missile, Hamas PLO, Hitler’s child, and I said firmly, “Don’t touch it.” I opened the front door to the stairwell and missiles were there in the stairwell, so I closed the door. I said we should warn the neighbors, but we didn’t. I grabbed my cell phone, my Bible, and my phone charger and we all went out into the stairwell where water was running and smelled of petrol. We went down towards the door and the whole wall plus the door was blown away by a bomb. We hadn’t heard the bang; we went out completely safe and whole. It is a shelter under the Mantle of Archbishop Dominiquae and Rabbi Baruch in UNIFY.

She continues: “Apostle Sana told me to ask Dad to sow into Israel war efforts through UNIFY. After I did the act of repentance the next day this happened: He gave SEK 500 to UNIFY and I gave more myself. Dad gave me a financial gift at the same time, and I gave more of it to the war effort in Israel. The curse was broken on my father when he gave. I spoke out in all seriousness to him that if you don’t support Israel, it brings a curse. I spoke to him about the importance of standing with Israel and he has accepted it, and I have said that the only thing we can do is pray for Israel and to the Father in heaven. I have stood in the gap for him for several days praying that Yeshua would appear to him and that he would be saved and free and experience blessings when he gave the gift to Israel’s war effort. Thank you, Abba Father, for his salvation.”

Concerning antisemitism in Sweden, we are now seeing an increased threat to synagogues and other Jewish institutions. An ever-present antisemitism bubbling to the surface as unrest in the Middle East erupts in our country as well. Hatred comes not from one, but from many directions: from the extreme right, the extreme left, and from Islamists. This is something that Jews in Sweden have lived with for a long time. In recent weeks, parents have not dared to leave their children at Jewish preschools and schools for fear of attacks. But even in schools where there are few Jewish children, there is great concern, and Jewish children feel exposed and held accountable for what is happening in Israel.

The Jewish community in Gothenburg feels compelled to urge its members not to wear the Star of David, kippah, or speak Hebrew. Synagogues are closing; volunteers are acting as guards and others are providing psychosocial support. In recent weeks, due to the increased threat level, the police have stepped up surveillance around certain sites where they believe there is an increased threat due to the events in Israel-Palestine. It is unacceptable that Jews in Sweden are now being subjected to increased threats and violence due to the conflict in the Middle East and that this affects the need to meet in Jewish communities in this situation.

But the development we are now seeing in Sweden makes us determined. It is the ultimate responsibility of the state to guarantee the physical security of synagogues and other Jewish institutions so that Jews in Sweden can fully enjoy their rights and freedoms.

Tour 2024 image

Conclusion from Archbishop Dominiquae Bierman

Our tour in May is called the Resurrection Tour of Israel 2024. When we planned it, we didn’t know it would be from the current Shoa to Restoration. I know Yah has something amazing for us. I don’t know how much it will cost because the tour agency is not even open now, and the hotels are full, so logistically, it will be a challenge. Everyone must come! Register now!


I am so thankful to be a part of this courageous group of warriors for the kingdom! They are truly wearing the whole armor of God described in Ephesians 6:

“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you are able to stand against the schemes of the devil. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the worldly forces of this darkness, and against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore, take up the full armor of God, so that you may be able to resist when the times are evil, and after you have done everything, to stand firm. Stand firm then! Buckle the belt of truth around your waist, and put on the breastplate of righteousness. Strap up your feet in readiness with the Good News of shalom. Above all, take up the shield of faith with which you will be able to extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one, And take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. Pray in the Ruach on every occasion, with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, keep alert with perseverance and supplication for all the kedoshim.

For Archbishop Dr. Dominiquae & Rabbi Baruch Bierman,

Glenda Shockley & the UNIFY Team

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