The Heartbeat of YHVH

The Heartbeat of YHVH

The Heartbeat of YHVH

UNIFY Updates – December/January 2024, Tevet 5784

To those who fear you because of the truth you gave a banner to rally around. Psalm 60:6

From Archbishop Dominiquae Bierman, Israel & America:

Here is a little bit of the history of the beginning of UNIFY: Yah gave me the design for the UNIFY banner. We lifted it up in Washington DC for the first time, and next in the Jerusalem March. We made white T-shirts with the UNIFY flag. We had only these things and faith. He gave us a banner because we fear His Name, and He told us to rally around this banner because of the truth. This month, we planted this banner as a flag in the synagogue in Jericho when we went there to pray on the 8th day of Hanukkah. The flag has spiritual authority. There is such power in rallying around the banner He gave us. It says that Israel is a light to the nations. That is something the sheep nations need to recognize.

When that time comes, many nations will join themselves to Adonai. “They will be my people, and I will live among you.” Then you will know that it was Adonai-Tzva’ot who sent me to you. He will possess Judah as His portion in the Holy Land and will make Jerusalem His choice. Zechariah 2:15-16

That describes everything that is happening right now.

Prime Minister Netanyahu calls this war Iron Swords. Many call it the War of the Restoration of the Spirit. I call it the War of Light vs Darkness.

Everything that is happening is connected with Zech. 2:15-17. He is possessing the Jewish people as His portion in the Holy Land. The people who established Israel in the beginning were mostly secular, but Yah used them mightily. Now, He’s repossessing Israel.

The Heartbeat of YHVH

Last week when I went to pray at the Kotel, the Holy Spirit showed me Psalm 10: The wicked in their arrogance hunt down the poor…He waits near settlements in ambush and kills an innocent man in secret; his eyes are on the hunt for the helpless. Lurking unseen like a lion in his lair, he lies in wait to pounce on the poor, then seizes the poor and drags him off in his net. Yes, he stoops, crouches down low; and the helpless wretch falls into his clutches…. Adonai is king forever and ever! The nations have vanished from his land. Adonai, you have heard what the humble want; you encourage them and listen to them, to give justice to the fatherless and oppressed, so that no one on earth will strike terror again.

You can see that what happened on October 7 is described in this Psalm. Nations will be wiped off His land. We’re literally living it. Israel is fighting 7 fronts, according to the Ministry of Defense Gallant, but there are actually 9: Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, Judea and Samaria, Yemen, Iran, Jerusalem, the raging global antisemitism in the nations, and the home front which is inundated with secular and woke cultures. The Supreme Court rose up in the middle of the war to pull a trick to reject a basic law. The problem in Israel is that we do not have a constitution because from the beginning there wasn’t a consensus between religious and secular agents as to what the constitution should be. So, the home front is a very serious battle and is the most important, but we can win anything as long as we’re united. Oh, how good, how pleasant it is for brothers to live together in harmony (Psalm 133:1). Pray for unity.

There are still people who haven’t been home since October 7. The families of the reservists are really hurting. The northern part of Gaza has been conquered, but the rest is still a difficult area, dangerous and full of terror tunnels. The job is harrowing because, since 2005, we’ve allowed this situation to happen in Israel and we are paying the price for it. We have been trying to please everyone, and it has backfired. Now, YHVH is busy repossessing Israel.

The Heartbeat of YHVH

Even though we are surrounded, Israel is standing and is resilient and is going forward. More and more Israelis are lifting up their eyes to the hills from whence their salvation comes. They are mainly returning to Judaism, which is fine because YHVH is restoring the Jewish identity. As He does that, He will also restore the Jewish Messiah to Israel. A new believer is always looking for mentors. As a new believer, I tried to pattern myself after other Christians, but the Spirit rebuked me and showed me to pattern myself after my Jewish roots. Similarly, many in Israel society are seeking Yah right now, and some are even turning to Messiah. We have been given the privilege of being the heartbeat of God into the land and into the nations so that people will understand what moves the heart of Yah: faith and Is

One time I was ministering in Switzerland and prophesying to a very tall man. He said that he had asked God why He made Dominiquae so small. Yah said He made me so small so I could speak directly to his heart. Our organization is small, but we are small so we can speak directly into the heart of Israel and the nations.

UNIFY supporting the war efforts

UNIFY has donated about $80,000 to every kind of war effort, including food vouchers, needed equipment, warm clothing, planting trees, etc. since the 7th of October. It’s not much, but it is a lot for us because we are a small organization, and it has made a huge difference in the people, communities, and atmosphere. I asked YHVH to increase us so we can give even more. I believe that YHVH is going to fill us up with finances so we can keep giving more and more. Here is a wonderful report: since we started to collect money for the trees, we already have several hundred. We still need more, and the only way we can do that is if every one of you goes to someone you know and gives them the opportunity to bring life to Israel. This puts the key of Abraham (Genesis 12:3) in the open position. If every one of you goes to at least ten people this month, we can have hundreds of more trees. It is a worthy cause. When we plant a tree in Israel, something happens in the spirit to bless us and bring life to us.

The Heartbeat of YHVH

Visit to Kfar Aza and other Gaza Border communities

We made a special visit with the delegation of the Foreign Ministry to the communities where the Hamas Massacre took place on October 7th. We taped two TV programs, revealing the scenes that reminded us of Auswitch. Watch Hamas Atrocities Part 1 and Hamas Atrocities Part 2 to see the truth, and share these programs with others! The world needs to know.

1M Bells

One Million Bells

We also participated in a powerful project in which we are connected with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ring bells against antisemitism. The goal was to ring 1,000,000 bells on Sunday, January 14, to mark 100 days since the October 7th massacre. Many videos and photos testify of bell ringing in all continents, and the bells were ringing in public squares, homes, churches, fire departments, and many other places. We believe it made a huge difference in the atmosphere and spiritual realm, and we are expecting to see our hostages released, antisemitism exposed and defeated like never before, and healing and recovery for the injured and those who mourn. We salute all our faithful UNIFY members that rang bells and organized bell ringing events in their nations!

YAH is on the move and UNIFY is a vessel after His own heart.

The Heartbeat of YHVH

Revival Behind Bars

MAP Prison Ministry, USA

We now have 1,392 GRM students behind bars, with 330 new since last month. There have been 129 graduates, 20 new since last month. There are 48 Spanish students, 13 since last month, and 3 Spanish graduates.

The inmates in UCI maximum security close maintenance dorms finally received tablets, and are now able to start their GRM Bible School study on the Lantern app. This is a great answered prayer! GRM is like a bullet moving in the hearts of men and women. God is on the move, and to Him be the glory. Eye has not seen and the ear has not heard the joy that these men and women are experiencing through GRM.

The Heartbeat of YHVH

Light Triumphs Over Darkness

Pastor Marcelo Corral, Ecuador

We celebrated Hanukkah by lighting a candle each day, praising YHVH with joy and the sound of the shofar, and declaring that the light will overcome the darkness in Israel’s current struggle against Amalek Hamas. We believe that the light of Adonai will triumph over the darkness raised by Satan and all enemies against the chosen people, not only in Israel but also here in Ecuador. May the light of Yeshua illuminate our lives wherever Hanukkah is celebrated.

At the end of the festival, we lit all eight candles in a grand celebration held at the Military Circle Hall in Cuenca, Ecuador. Many people, including guests from different Christian churches, joined us in celebrating this festival. The shared message had a profound impact, emphasizing the false Christmas as a pagan celebration not ordained in the Torah. It was highlighted that these are human-created traditions without biblical support, and the bride of the Lamb must rid herself of all falsehood, preparing for the coming of Yeshua, her husband. It was encouraged to celebrate the feasts in the Holy Scriptures that Yeshua observed. Hanukkah, the dedication feast, was seen as a great opportunity to return to ancient paths, rededicating the temple of the Holy Spirit, which is each one of us, to Adonai, the only true God. At the end of the celebration, we knelt and asked forgiveness, collectively repenting for celebrating pagan traditions instead of God’s holy convocations. In prayer, we sought healing for the country, and a miraculous change occurred as heavy rains started, filling the water reservoirs and restoring electrical power nationwide. 2 Chronicles 7:14

The Heartbeat of YHVH

Efforts in Support of Israel

Pastor Sonia Gotelli, Peru

We continue our active stand with Israel. On December 4, we joined the public call to support Israel, organized by “March for Life”. The ambassador of Israel was present and provided information about the situation of the Israeli hostages in the hands of the terrorist group Hamas. We blew the shofar while balloons were released for each kidnapped hostage.

We spread the news about Israel through the videos of the Apostle Dominiquae and share about the need to help displaced Israeli families and support the soldiers.

In our Shabbat meetings, all the members of the ministry sing the anthem of Israel and Psalm 28: 9 in Hebrew, and we continue our special prayer meeting for Israel every third day of the week. We have also already managed to plant 25 trees in memory of the 1,200 Israelis killed in the Hamas massacre. Our sister Zoila Tudela, who is a member of UNIFY, asked us for prayer so that all her children could offer for Israel without her having to pressure them and YHVH answered our prayers, making her whole family voluntarily decide to send $4,628 from the sale of a land to Israel. HalleluYah!

AGIMAP (Spanish GRM Bible School) is going forward, and one of our highlights this month was when our AGIMAP graduate Mahli Elisheba Puchoc performed the anthem of Israel on the day of her school graduation in her educational center playing the violin with all her colleagues.

Our graduates who work in schools were teaching their students the identity of the Messiah within the framework of the Christmas celebrations. They prepared maps so that their students could identify the nation of Israel as the place where the city of Bethlehem is located and so they could understand the importance of praying for Israel.

We have financially supported the Spanish editions of The Voice of These Ashes and Let’s Get Healthy Saints.

The Heartbeat of YHVH

Finding the Key of Abraham

Pastor Cesar Silva, Mexico

It was on November 27 that Brother Raul Vidales, who is one of the recent graduates of GRM, went to his hometown of Cuandureo Michoacán to do an act of teshuva for the idolatry of the state and speak a prophetic word about Israel. We know that every act where Israel is raised up and blessed will have a favorable response of revival.

On our trip to the Jewish community event, a young man named Daniel sat next to me on the flight. Before flying he began to worry because he had left a suitcase at the Reynosa airport, so I told him to calm down, let’s pray for your suitcase and after praying, he managed to talk to a person to look for it. The flight began and he didn’t know if they had found it, but the Ruach told me to tell him that they would find his suitcase. During the flight I began to share with him about Yeshua, the gospel made in Zion, and about the key of Abraham. He was very receptive. When we arrived in Mexico City, he checked on his suitcase to see if it was there just like the Ruach had told us. While he was talking on the cell phone with his girlfriend, I overheard him saying that he had already found something that would help them a lot and of course, he was referring to Abraham’s key. By the way, he told me that he is the guardian of the Cholula pyramid and that from that day on he would bless the people of Israel, and he has written to me several times that he is praying for Israel.

Nelda and I are doing a Facebook live presentation every day in prayer for Israel. We started it at the beginning of December and we will continue it until we see the complete victory of the people of Israel. Many are connecting and hearing about the key of Abraham. We will be waiting for many miracles that will manifest in those who are already beginning to bless Israel because of these presentations.

The Heartbeat of YHVH

“Hidden Rally” by UNIFY Malaysia – Prophetic Acts continue…

Apostle Dawid Yosef Lee, Malaysia

On December 2nd, we spread all the ashes of the destruction of the 2-state solution in crucial locations in the Palestinian Authority Embassy, US Embassy, Iran Embassy, UN, and government Departments all over Malaysia. We declare it dead in the name of Yeshua!

We have also given several meaningful restitution offerings this month to support the war efforts in Israel through UNIFY.

The Heartbeat of YHVH

Hidden Prophecy Action

Pastor Perach Yang, Taiwan

Apostle David and his wife Yafa came to visit Taiwan and they led our 10 UNIFY members in 5 groups of 2 members each to go to the 22 administrative regions of Taiwan to blow the shofars. Here is the strategy for UNIFY Taiwan’s Hidden Prophecy Action of Standing with Israel in Wartime:

  • Each UNIFY team must have at least 2-3 members.
  • Upon entering the city, find a suitable place with a sign, street sign, or any sign that mentions the city; first take communion and speak to the land.
  • Blow the shofar low to the ground to close the door to the demonic forces underground and declare that YHVH reigns.
  • Pray for opening the doors of GRM for this county and city to learn the Word of YHVH, to worship YHVH in truth and spirit, and to honor His name.
  • Pray for Israel’s war and the hostages so that more people will be willing to open their pockets to bless Israel and bless UNIFY financially.

The Heartbeat of YHVH

Miracle Chanukah Celebration

Pastor D’vora Cheung, Hong Kong, China

We experienced the 1st miracle inside the Sephardic Community. Owing to sudden non-compliance with government rules to have our celebration in a restaurant next to the Synagogue, we decided to dine inside the Synagogue instead. When I first entered, I met Rabbi and the youth. I gave the book The Voice of the Ashes to him together with Zufganiot (traditional Hanukkah donuts). We took photos with him, and then he introduced us to the youth. We sang and danced Hatikvah and Am Israel Chai with them. When we lit the 1st candles in the Shul and prayed, they taped us and left. During the celebration, I shared the origin of Chanukah and the rise of the Maccabees and showed the war report TV program the Archbishop did with Uriel Nachum from Shavei Darom. As if we were Maccabees, we cleansed the temple in the Spirit and decreed Yeshua enthroned. We placed the UNIFY flag there to represent Jews and Gentiles as one, according to John 17:22. One newcomer (an Israeli lover) bought the books Identity Theft and The Voice of These Ashes.

The Heartbeat of YHVH

A Phenomenon of Light

Pastor Terhi Laine, Finland

Our team paid a one-day prayer visit to Helsinki on our Independence Day, December 6th. Yah confirmed the purpose of our trip on our journey there. As we approached Helsinki, we saw a wonderful light phenomenon: the morning sun was like a huge statue of fire in front of us. On both sides of the road, a glow of fire passed ahead of us in the colors of the rainbow.

We began in front of the Evangelical Lutheran Church Board. We asked for forgiveness for how the Church Abroad Aid in Finland has been against Israel through the International Ecumenical Accompaniment Program in Palestine and Israel. As a prophetic act, we sprinkled the ashes of the burnt paper of the EAPP organization on the ground and declared its end.

Then we moved to the front of the Parliament building. We repented of anti-Israel acts of our government concerning both the UN resolutions against Israel and the financial support granted by our state to Palestine through UNRWA. Through this channel, financial aid has gone to children’s school books in which they teach to hate the Jews and kill them. I confessed that we are guilty of contributing to this hatred and killing of Jews and we pleaded for mercy and forgiveness. We nullified the document copies by burning them and sprinkling the ashes on the ground.

Earlier in the Midnight watch we had prophetically burnt matches for the two-state solution for peace – a lie which many of our decision-makers believe in and promote. Then we sprinkled the ashes on the steps of the Parliament building. We also proclaimed Finland to resign from the UN. We took the covenant meal with the earth.

I was thinking about how we could raise money to send through UNIFY to help our Jewish sisters and brothers. Ruach brought to my mind to have a bazaar as these are abounding here in Finland, especially before Christmas. We prepared coffee cakes, mustard, bread, etc. for sale. Eija collected lottery prizes from companies as a donation. We received the last donation on the spot. A man was reading our information letter telling where we’ll send all the proceeds and was looking at the UNIFY flag. Without saying a word, he left and came back in a while with two valuable jars of cream. He wanted to donate them as a lottery prize. He was ready to talk. We also had books by Archbishop on our table.

The Heartbeat of YHVH

Match Missions

Pastor Hanne Hansen, Norway

At the beginning of December, several of our UNIFY members buried a burnt match by our city council symbolizing the burnt, dead body of the Partition plan from November 29th, 1947, and the two-state solution that we had revoked in the global UNIFY meeting that week. Anne-Mari did a “match-mission” by the city council in her city Stord which is in the western part of Norway. Pastor Hanne did a “match-mission” by the city council in Trondheim in the middle-northern part of Norway. She has also done a “match-mission” by Nidarosdomen, the main Cathedral in our nation because the Norwegian church is very antisemitic. Gro did a “match-mission” by the city council in her city Moss in the southeastern part of Norway. Gro also traveled to the Norwegian Capital Oslo, doing a “match-mission” in a freezing cold city by the Parliament building. She broke the Partition plan and all attempts to mislead the Norwegian people in the war against Hamas. We blew the Shofar and gave a restitution offering to Israel through UNIFY because Norway voted for the partition plan in 1947, and because Norway was facilitating the 2-state solution. We covered most of the nation with this super-important mission because Norway was facilitating the Oslo Accords that led to so much terror and murders of the Jewish people in Israel, and it developed into the demand for a two-state solution after the year 2000. Anne-Mari has written a post to the local newspaper about the Partition plan from 1947, and Pastor Hanne has sent a complaint to the library in her city because they have Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” there.

The Heartbeat of YHVH

Hanukkah Oil Miracle

Apostle Sana Enroos, Sweden

Act of Repentance – “Mein Kampf” Mission

We did an act of repentance to deal with Adolf Hitler’s wicked book Mein Kampf (“My Battle”). Hundreds of libraries in Sweden have this book that encourages its readers to violence, terror, persecution, and murder against the Jewish people. We cannot accept that! This time we went physically to one of those libraries that had more of these books in different forms available than any other library. We started by asking for forgiveness for Sweden for allowing this wicked book in libraries. Also, we did an act of repentance for all false dangerous tolerance in this nation. We did the same with Martin Luther’s book Jews and Their Lies. All forms of Mein Kampf were put under a ban and cursed in the spiritual realm. We broke the connection between Mein Kampf and Nazism and Neo-Nazism in Sweden as well as the connection between Anti-Mesitojuz in the spirit. We also contacted the libraries requesting them to remove these books. We proclaimed that, instead, Archbishop`s books will be taken into libraries all around Sweden.

We participated in the Hanukkah celebration in Stockholm City, which was a success. Before the event, we prayed, repenting of anti-Semitism and blood guilt, especially for a woman we know who was murdered in this place for standing up for Israel. Our team of three marched around the area with UNIFY and Israel flags. When we arrived at the Hanukkah celebration, there was a good speech from the Rabbi of the synagogue and the Jewish association. Sweden’s Prime Minister was present with a kippah on his head, and he gave a strong and emotional speech with a new authority. He said that the government would give another 10 million SEK to increase the security for the Jews in Sweden. I had recently sent two emails to the Prime Minister, and it is noticeable in his speech that he must have read them because it felt as if he understood the seriousness of standing up for Israel and the Jews. Everyone who listened applauded strongly.

At the end of the celebration, we danced with the flags in the middle of all the people. Many watched us and filmed us. The Jews were inspired. Several came forward and asked who we were and what we represented with our flags. When we said we were from the United Nations for Israel and told them what we stood for, they were happy and grateful and thanked us for our support. Afterward, I felt Ruach wanted me to show a picture of a special stone memorial we had created to honor the Jewish people to an Israeli Jewish man there, and tell him about that act of honor. While taking out my phone, hoping that it would have some battery left, I was amazed, because the phone had recharged during the dance from 1% to up to 47%, just like the oil lasted miraculously during the first Hanukkah. We got our “Hanukkah Oil Miracle”!

The Heartbeat of YHVH

Response to October 7

Mathilda Cuthbertson, Australia

“Comfort, O comfort My people,” says your God. (Isaiah 40:1)

After we came back from the Sukkot Tour in Israel, we were deeply disturbed by what happened on October 7th, 2023. In Adelaide, The Jewish Council of South Australia held a vigil at the Adelaide Hebrew Congregation of South Australia and we were glad to be part of it. We attended and heard testimonies of Jewish people who were deeply affected by the terrorist attack in Israel. Both the Federal and the State Government representatives were in attendance with the likes of Honorable Penny Wong, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Australia.

In November, we participated in a prophetic act. The ashes of the British Mandate were spread on the fields of the Army Training Facility in Adelaide accompanied by the shofar. For the nation of Israel, the people and the land are blessed by Yahveh and cannot be cursed. Their calling is irrevocable (Romans 11:29) and no ideologies of men can change that.

This month (December) we ordered 20 copies of The Voice of These Ashes. This sowing of the seed into these books is an act of repentance and restitution for Australia. These books will be given as free gifts as Ruach leads us.

We were also able to share UNIFY with a fellowship group here in Adelaide, resulting in an offering to support the Boots on the Ground with AUD 500.

Praise Yah!

I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse, and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you. Genesis 12:3


Let Israel rejoice in their maker, let Tzion’s children take joy in their king….Let the high praises of God be in their throats, but a two-edged sword in their hands to carry out vengeance on the nations and punishment on the peoples, to bind their kings with chains and put their nobles in irons, to execute the judgments decreed for them; for this will glorify all His faithful. Hallelujah! Psalm 149:2, 6-9

May Your Kingdom come and Your will be done!

For Archbishop Dr. Dominiquae & Rabbi Baruch Bierman,

Glenda Shockley & the UNIFY Team

Archbishop Dominiquae and Rabbi Baruch Bierman in armor

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