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History is Being Made

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First of all, we invite all of you to join our urgent 40 Days Fast and Prayer for Israel — not one missing! While working here in Israel, we need you to lift our hands. We have been purchasing and delivering food and essential vouchers for the bereaved, traumatized people of the South and their displaced families. One voucher costs $70 – every seed counts.

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We thank all of those that have been recruited by the Holy Spirit to pray and give generously to support our war effort.

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Sukkat Yehoshua worship tent

The below is our UNIFY report from before the Sukkot tour and the war started. As you read, give praise to Yah that we are constantly using Sukkat Yehoshua to pray for Israel during these hard times from the Gate of the Land. Now we are inviting the local believers to pray and use it free of charge.

‘A spirit of judgment for him who sits on the judgment seat , and strength for those turning back the battle at the gate” Isaiah 28:6 TLV

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Israel tour participants

UNIFY UpdatesSeptember 2023, Elul 5784

Enjoy the inspiring and miracle-filled reports from Israel and the Nations – UNIFY is on the move!

No Purpose of His Can be Thwarted

Archbishop Dominiquae Bierman, Israel & America

Shalom from the Dead Sea in Israel!

Job answered YHVH, and said, I know You can do all things; no purpose of Yours can be thwarted. Job 42: 1

This is exactly what happened in Beit Hoglah and Sukkat Yehoshua. The work was stopped there for over the whole month of Av. Then, in the month of Elud, which is the month of mercy, more specifically on my birthday, September 5, the permit was obtained from the regional council so that Erna could keep her farm and the Sukkat Yehoshua, the praise tabernacle, which is at the entrance of the touristic area, can being built at the gate to Israel. Within the next 3 days, the whole project will come together.

On September 22, a Messianic group of 22 people is coming to worship at the Sukkah. We need you to stand in the gap with prayers and shofar blows so that there will be no more obstructions. There is a new sign that says, “Know Before Whom You Are Standing, for the place where you are standing is Holy.” Joshua 5:15 (This verse is written in Hebrew in every synagogue throughout the nation.) This area of Gilgal is where the angel met with Joshua, telling him to take off his sandals, because the place where he is standing is holy ground. The dedication is being prepared and will include a dedication by Archbishop, Erna, and the worship team; and there will be a presentation by a GRM graduate, Ashley, and her family.

The legalization of Jordan Valley settlements is historic. Since 1967, this hasn’t happened. The Jordan Valley is the key to taking all of Judea and Samaria.

There is a 3-minute video on YouTube describing the Grief and Loss Seminar, which can be used in your own ministries.


Things are Happening Underground

Archbishop Dominiquae Bierman, United States

Netanyahu is meeting with Biden during the UN General Assembly. We need to pray that he will pay no attention to Biden and that he will not get entangled with anything that is hard to undo.

Things are happening in the USA, but they are underground. For example, President candidate Ryan Binckley is being prepared to walk the David path. Another example is that while the Goyim Defense League has been marching with swastikas and flags in Florida, Governor DeSantis is trying to pass laws to prevent antisemitism.

Israel tour participants

Growth Explosion in the Prison Ministry


Pastor Hanne Hansen

This ministry is exploding in the prisons. We already have 43 students in the BA program. August had 11 GRM graduates. We have almost 800 Lantern students, as opposed to 599 in July. More than 200 have joined this last month. We’re very thankful for the volunteers who have stepped up to help with marking papers.

Paulette shared about the Yom Teruah visit: It was miraculous to be at UCI with the 24 inmates and Chaplain Scott, who was humbled and is learning much from our Messianic inmates.

Hadassah shared about the U-Dorm visit: The guard wasn’t so nice in the beginning, but in the end, he was grateful and helpful, obviously moved. We met a Muslim inmate who was eager to get the book Eradicating the Cancer of Religion. He learned for the first time about the name of Yeshua, and we pray that He will be gloriously saved! There are several inmates who were transferred to another maximum-security prison. No women are allowed in there, so the Rabbi will be the only one allowed to visit.

Rabbi testified that those behind bars are really hungry for the truth. Once they get into a book like Eradicating the Cancer of Religion, their eyes are opened. They want the truth. The Holy Spirit works wherever people are humble and hungry.

Group of people holding UNIFY flag

Breaking Up a Crime Ring

Pastor Marcelo Corral, Ecuador

I was invited to blow the shofar in the city of Guayaquil for a time of praise, 3 hours by car from where our ministry is in the city of Cuenca. There used to be a church there with quite a few members, but it has been disappearing and only the pastor’s family is left. After about two hours of just loud praise, I began to blow the shofar as the Ruach HaKodesh guided me, and it happened that those present (about 25) began to feel the presence of the Spirit asking them to praise louder and blow the shofar longer. The brotherhood felt a brief wind move over their lives and they began to cry and ask for forgiveness for their sins. We did not know that it had been the place where the heads of the largest gangs in Guayaquil currently met to have fun, plan their crimes, and commit all kinds of sins; it was a place already taken over by drug smuggling gangs. The police had been looking for that place where they hid for a long time. That day, they all had a meeting in that place, but at the same time they saw that we were praising and blowing the shofar, so they left it angrily, without doing anything to us, Glory be to Adonai! After we left, they entered on motorcycles, and there the Ruach said to the shepherdess that they were the leaders of the most dangerous and wanted gangs. A few days after we prayed, the police discovered this place and began capturing many gang leaders and destroying many criminal gangs. Glory be to YHVH who puts an end to sin and protects his children.

Another important activity is that the Ruach sent me to blow the shofar on the highest mountain in the capital, Mount Pichincha, with just 13 days left until the elections. I went up and blew at the 4 cardinal points, declaring that Ecuador is a sheep nation. There were many political parties of corrupt people who wanted to come to power, but Adonai imposed his will, and He gave us the party that already governed 7 years ago. This party helps the humble people and has done many good works throughout the country. We are now waiting for a second electoral vote in October and will continue blowing the shofar to see that the president arrives according to the heart of Adonai.

Group of people at home

Reaching Out to Others

Pastor Sonia Gotelli Gonzales, Peru

The IMA BAT AMI Group continues to reach more women in personal need, to whom they introduce Yeshua, integrate the person in the weekly prayer meeting, and introduce them to the AGIMAP school so they may be able to learn about the gospel made in Zion. We will have three new students in September. The leader, Maribel Carbajal, has coordinated with a local radio station to broadcast Apostle’s weekly messages.

Our AGIMAP graduate, brother Walter Morales Chaparro, who lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has started working as a helper of two elderly Jews with whom he shares his love for Israel and their Jewish people. When the family of these gentlemen heard his testimony of love, they decided to integrate him into their group of faith and now he celebrates Shabbat and Holy Feasts with them in the synagogue.

On behalf of Kad Esh Peru, we have contacted the regional director of “March for Life” for Latin America to let him know that we want to participate in the pro-Israel activities that he organizes with the collaboration of the Embassy of Israel and the Jewish community in Lima. We will have meetings via Zoom and face-to-face to collaborate on the next events: remembrance of the Crystal Night and Hanukkah. We will also participate in the forums of antisemitism with the attendance of several countries.

Group of people in front of the ocean

Many Mikvehs

Pastor Cesar Silva, Mexico

We had a tremendous celebration with many Mikvehs. We had 11 people baptized among young men and women. One whole family came from Yucatan, more than a day’s drive. They are advanced GRM students and felt an urgency to be baptized in the Name of Yeshua.

Since the pandemic, we have not held services in the church of Alamo, TX. On Shabbat, September 9, we went there to carry out the prophetic act of the earth, believing that Adonai would raise this place since in His great love He has provided for its purchase. We are currently in the last year of payment for this property. I remember that the Rabbi and Pastor David from Malaysia prayed for provision so this place would be fully paid for; the Father has responded to that prayer. Not only did they pray but they themselves sent an offering for this purpose. Thank you YHVH, and thank you, beloved, for praying.

Palestinian flagin Malaysia

Powerful Acts of Repentance

Pastor Dawid Yosef Lee, Malaysia

We have one new GRM graduate this month, my youngest daughter JoJo Tavita Lee Zi Wei.

On the 17th of August, the Far East came together to renounce the wicked plan of our enemy to recognize a Palestinian state. We did it together with Japan, represented by Yutong in Tokyo via Zoom, in front of the PA Embassy. We repented on behalf of our nations for ignorance and renounced Anti-Mesitojuz and replacement theology. We blew our shofars in one accord to pull down the stronghold of the enemy of Israel. Two hours later, a flight carrying an MP in Malaysia crashed, killing 7 people. This MP represented the party in Malaysia that invited Hamas to their meetings and The United Malays National Organization (UMNO) which was in power for 61 years (1957-2018) in Malaysia, forming the government that was the enemy behind all the anti-Israel movements, including the restriction that forbids Malaysian citizens from entering Israel. Our passport clearly stated that “it is valid for all countries except Israel”. Later, at 4 p.m., we made restitution to Israel through UNIFY for all the harm made against Israel from Malaysia.

We have two new volunteers: Chesed Yong, who volunteered to take care of the enrollment of GRM Lantern students, and Jethro Lee, who is helping us to update the BA Student List.

Israeli flag

Healing from Loss and Grief

Pastor Perach Yang, Taiwan

Benjamin and Adina are preparing to get married in Sukkot Yehoshua. Her mother is planning to come to the Land for the wedding. She is taking GRM and is already on Level 3.

Participating in healing from the recent Loss and Grief seminar made me understand that when we face many kinds of losses in life, we need to express our true emotional sadness instead of hiding it and bearing it alone. As we learned to speak and cry before Him, the comfort and love of the Ruach came immediately. He is the faithful Comforter, just as He says He is (John 15:26). My heart is full of gratitude. Through Ima’s teachings, my heart is no longer closed to the pain of many losses in the past. Every time He showed me some part to open, I was released and healed. What’s more important is that after my heart was filled with His comfort and love, I got more compassion and love in my service, and the brothers and sisters were also healed and released by Him. It was amazing and powerful. Praise Yah and give all the glory to Him.

Preaching the Gospel Made in Zion in WeChat

Hadassah Ping Jing, China

On April 17, 2020, we registered Gospel made in Zion in the WeChat social medium. The Shabbat newsletter was uploaded every week and read by dozens of people. One Sabbath newsletter, Prayer for Israel, was read by 183 people. However, in March 2022, China exercised tight control over WeChat, prohibiting the spreading of the gospel. Shabbat letters could not be passed through their review and could not be posted to WeChat anymore. Our account was stopped. However, on July 25, 2022, I sent the Shabbat newsletter from the mailbox to WeChat, and it skipped the review process, thanks to YHVH! Now, I post the Shabbat newsletter in WeChat before Shabbat and more than a hundred Christians in my WeChat read the newsletters. On August 5, 2023, a brother from Inner Mongolia contacted me and told me that he reads the Shabbat newsletter every week and has accepted the teaching of the archbishop through them. I have uploaded the songs of Archbishop and the dances of Apostle Sana in WeChat. Each video has been viewed by more than 100, 200, or 300 people. Praise YHVH! Let Yeshua be exaand glorified! Hallelujah!

Three women holding UNIFY and Israel flags in Macau

Mission to Macau

Pastor D’vora Cheung, Hong Kong

When we prayed about the mission trip to Macau, Adina received a vision and replied, “Heneini”. She hadn’t gone there for 20 years due to a sad family issue, so she obeyed and made plans for the trip. On the day we were to leave, she realized she had forgotten her identity card and had to hurry to get it. She had been having stomach pains, but after the trip, she was fully recovered. Her obedience brought healing and miraculous restoration of health. She also realized that she had enough money in her bank account after giving tithes. The curse of poverty was broken. What a powerful restoration!

While still on the pier in Macau, we worshiped and did prophetic acts of repentance on the land, anointed the land, took communion, blew shofars, and put salt in the water. We prayed that the Jews would awake and the key of Abraham would revive in Macau. Our bus driver, an unbeliever, read The Identity Theft while waiting for us. Praise YHVH for battling for us to accomplish this mission!

Train station

Spiritual Warfare at the PLO Embassy

Yutong Tagawa, Japan

Last month, Pastor Dawid asked me if there was a PLO embassy in Japan. I checked and found out that there is an office in Tokyo. Pastor Dawid told me that my next mission would be to blow the shofar in front of this office. I asked Ruach when I should go, and He told me August 17th, the last day of the month of Av. I told Pastor Dawid, and then Pastor Perach told me that she heard in a dream that August 17th was an important day, so we had confirmation. On August 17th, Pastor Dawid went to the PLO Embassy in Malaysia. I planned to take the bullet train to the PLO office in Tokyo early in the morning, but that morning the departure time was delayed due to the heavy rain the day before. I sent a Telegram message to the group requesting prayer, and Pastor Dawid replied, “YHVH will open up a way for you when it seems to be impossible.” I also remembered the scripture that Ruach gave me the day before, Job 42:2: I know that You can do everything, that no purpose of Yours can be thwarted. I boarded the Shinkansen and arrived at the office of PLO just a little behind schedule. Pastor Dawid and many of the UNIFY members of the Far East were already online for the shofar blowing. My part was to repent for the Anti-Mesitojuz in Japan, and we proclaimed Psalm 2, took Kiddush, and blew our shofars together. Let YAH fight for us. Let Him tear down the enemy’s strongholds. Thank You, ABBA Father. Praise Living YAH.

Dedication of the PNG Embassy in Jerusalem

Pastor Mollie George, Papua New Guinea

I was blessed to attend the dedication of the PNG embassy in Jerusalem on Sept. 5. The ministers of the PNG Parliament are all pro-Israel. Amazingly, Israel gave them free rent for 3 years, which has never happened before. I was able to speak to the Prime Minister’s media to tell them that UNIFY was right behind the move because the flag of Papua New Guinea has already been flown at full mast in Israel through UNIFY. That paved the way for PNG to come. We faced challenges, and the Arab world went berserk, but it was all orchestrated by YHVH. The PNG Prime Minister spoke from his heart and invited Netanyahu to come to PNG, and he accepted the invitation. History is being made with this bridge from PNG to Israel. Pray for the two new ambassadors from PNG, a male and a female. She is a GRM student and will be on the Sukkot tour. UNIFY is changing the spiritual map of the world, and this is only the beginning.

UNIFY flag, shofar and Bible on stairs in front of a large building

Breaking Curses Against Our Government

Pastor Terhi Laine, Finland

We got a new government that the enemy didn’t like. The media was claiming they were racists because of a writing, taken out of context, that happened 17 years ago. That prompted a demonstration against racism in the capital. After the demonstration, a group of Satanists performed a ritual in front of the capital, in the name of art, cursing the foreign ministers. We went there with the team to repent and take our covenant meal with the earth. We broke that curse and declared the restoration of honor to our government and parliament. Now the parties have come to an understanding concerning anti-racism and the government is still standing. We believe the act of repentance we did had a great impact.

LATEST NEWS: The newly elected government has come to an agreement on the racism issue and will continue with this composition. The measures include plans to criminalize Holocaust denial. The government will also probe the possibility of outlawing the political use of certain symbols, including the swastika as used by Nazi Germany, as well as the hammer and sickle that appeared on the former Soviet Union flag. HaleluYah!!!

Prime minister of Israel and Sewdish officials

A Closer Relationship with Israel

Apostle Sana Enroos, Sweden

It is so wonderful to see the positive change in Swedish politics towards Israel. This is the good news of the Month of Elul! Praise the Living Yah!

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met on August 28, 2023, with a delegation of Swedish MPs and thanked them for supporting moving the Swedish Embassy to Jerusalem and for their fight against antisemitism. He hailed the change in Sweden’s policy towards Israel, and the two sides discussed strengthening bilateral cooperation in technology, artificial intelligence, and the vehicle industry.


Archbishop Dominiquae Bierman

There is going to be something happening in Mexico and other nations to move their embassies to Jerusalem. I believe a lot will happen in the days to come.

I pray for the safety of those traveling to Israel for Sukkot.

You shall go out with joy and be led forth in peace. The mountains and the hills will break forth before you singing, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands! Isaiah 55:12

It isn’t hand-to-hand combat, but rather head-to-head. He will crush your head, and you will crush his heel. Genesis 3:15 Now the God of shalom will soon crush satan under your feet. May the grace of our Lord Yeshua be with you. Romans 16:20 (Debra Barnes)


It is so exciting to hear the reports from the nations about how YHVH is working around the world! The disciples have been busy and are ready for a well-deserved Feast of Sukkot in Israel.

Then everyone who survives of all the nations that have come against Jerusalem shall go up year after year to worship the King, the Lord of hosts, and to keep the Feast of Tabernacles. Zechariah 14:16

For Archbishop Dr. Dominiquae & Rabbi Baruch Bierman,

Glenda Shockley & the UNIFY Team

Archbishop Dominiquae and Rabbi Baruch Bierman

IDF Soldiers


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