An entire organization or ministry may choose to partner with UNIFY. The LEADERS of these organizations must register to become members – additionally, each person within their organization should be encouraged to become members as well, with 1 voting power.
After the leaders are official members of UNIFY, they can enter into partnership with us. This signifies they are willing to cooperate with the mission of UNIFY as part of a team within their nations.

In order to be officially listed as a Partner Organization, each leader needs to do 3 things:

Join as a Member


as an official member
(the leader plus others in the organization)

Sign the Manifesto

Sign the UNIFY Manifesto

using the name of their organization.

Send tithe

Send their

monthly tithe

of tithes to UNIFY.
This gives you access to the private webinars and allows voting rights, though only those of the organization who are official members will be allowed to participate.

Partner Organizations will cooperate with their appointed UNIFY National Delegate.

For more information write to: